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Pandemic and/or “full” AML compliance?

Poll results are in. Only one thing is certain. Nothing. (Except, perhaps, for a secret power, hidden in plain sight).
Pandemic and/or “full” AML compliance?

Last week, I spoke about the insidious impact of polarization. (Overcoming barriers: Same words, different reality?) When “my” view is right and “yours” wrong there may be little interest in engaging in challenging conversations with “them”. Yet diversity of thinking and different perspectives, overlapping even only slightly (like the circles of a Venn diagram) can help generate the sort of solutions we all want, with better outcomes than any thought-bubble of “right” thinkers, “just like me” could produce alone.

I wondered also, absent the spontaneity of face-to-face conversations, whether siloed thinking has worsened during the migration to online meetings induced by Covid restrictions.

As it happened, an event combining both issues – the fight against Covid and the war on money laundering – seemed to attract very different views. Perfect, I thought, for a poll, to see what people outside my thought bubble (and regular bubble-adjacent challengers) reckon.

Here is the context, and poll results. (And, perhaps, irrespective results, something more useful).

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