Help advance a conversation to overcome faulty foundations and empty slogans; and tip the balance for better outcomes for citizens, businesses, communities, and countries.

The concept was good, but AML design and implementation was flawed.

Good news. Top-down change is no longer the only option. With new tools, a different mindset, and better strategies, visionary leaders (in countries, law enforcement, and banks) can for the first time achieve profoundly better outcomes. Others may follow not because they must, but because it works – for banks, customers, taxpayers, citizens, countries.

It no longer needs to be a negative sum game, but change cannot happen without being part of the conversation. Join now, invite staff to engage in a new conversation about effectiveness, then reach out personally. Let's talk.

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If your business supports effectiveness as a critical enabler towards better outcomes, contact us about opportunities and benefits. (Sponsorship does not imply endorsement of any opinions, products, or services).


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