Help advance a conversation to challenge poorly validated assumptions, faulty foundations, and empty slogans. Help make a difference. Help tip the balance for better outcomes; for citizens, taxpayers, shareholders, customers, businesses, communities, and countries.

Its concept was good, but the opening premise of the modern anti-money laundering movement was flawed. Not challenging it early locked in faulty design, and shut down dissent. “Solutions” framed in the same thinking perpetuate failure.

This is a watershed moment. There is growing realization that what we see conflicts violently with what we are told. But the narrative is loud, strong, and deeply ingrained. Science, evidence, and common sense has not dented it. Only if the groundswell becomes a wave can the system be shocked out of a pattern of failure. But revolutionary top-down change is no longer the only option. With emerging new tools and a different mindset, visionary leaders in banks, law enforcement agencies, and countries can for the first time not only begin to achieve but demonstrate the outcomes sought. Others may follow, enabling radical evolutionary change, not because they are forced but because it delivers better outcomes, demonstrably – for banks, customers, taxpayers, countries, citizens.

But change cannot happen without starting the conversation about what effectiveness really means, and outcomes that matter.

Doing nothing, or only what you must, knowing it's wrong, perpetuates the cycle; with almost zero impact on crime, increasing harm, rising regulatory risk, and escalating compliance costs.

The latest research suggests that it no longer needs to be a negative sum game.

Join now, be part of the change you want to see, and invite staff to engage in a new conversation about what effectiveness really means in your organization.

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