Your brand is what others see, hear, and feel. Period.

I could tell you about this website’s brand identity and meaning – and it would be 100% pure self-delusional hogwash. For any public or private sector organization, NGO, individual, division or work group, or new website – your ‘brand’ is not what you think it is. Nor the flowery rhetoric of mission statements and meticulously spun media releases. A brand is what others see, hear, and feel. Period.

  • “Great articles that don’t take all day to read and might just get you asking a few more questions!” – Nathan Cropper, Financial Crime Team Leader, Paragon Banking Group
  • “This [is] an excellent contribution to the debate most people don’t want to have. “Measures what it does, not what it achieves.” Superb analysis of the entire regulatory structure. If you don’t already follow Dr Ron Pol, do so now. He really does want you to think, not only absorb the norms as absolute truth” – Nigel Morris-Cotterill, Author (How not to be a money launderer, Understanding suspicion in financial crime, Sun Tzu and the art of litigation, and more); Director, Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training
  • “If anyone is on the lookout for useful and insightful AML resources, particularly regarding effectiveness and outcomes science, this new website is highly recommended” – Colin Darby, Director, Crime Risk, BCS Consulting
  • “This chap knows his stuff.” – Matthew Redhead, Managing Director, Policy and Campaigns, FINTRAIL; Associate Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS), Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
  • “Plenty to get those in AML thinking, and interesting reading. Very unique” – Dev Odedra, Independent AML expert, director, writer, and commentator, Minerva Stratagem Consulting, The Laundry®
  • “Love the imagery! I bet your AML comic book could be a lot more useful than all FATF manuals combined” – Anatoly Yakorev, Good Governance Expert, Centre of Expertise for Good Governance, Council of Europe; Co-Founder, World Without Corruption International Alliance(WWCIA); Co-founder, Transformative Business Ethics  (Teebeei) Founding Fellow, Global Ethics Solutions; Mentor, Conscious Enterprises Network (CEN)
  • “I cannot recall a government policy that more completely fails to achieve its own stated goals, while causing this much trouble for innocent bystanders, than the current AML regime” – Thomas Cox, CEO, DLT Governance Solutions; Principal Governance Advisor, StrongBlock; President, Becoming a Best Boss
  • “I am looking forward to reading more…[I]t remains surprising that the political processes prevent deep introspection. FATF member states must realise that tightly controlled closed-door processes using limited data of questionable quality will increasingly fail to deliver the desired results” – Louis de Koker, Professor of Law, La Trobe Law School, La Trobe University.
  • “Everyone who cares about defeating financial crime should subscribe to this website and join the debate started by Dr Ron Pol” – Jane Jee, Chair, Kompli-Global; Chair, The Hilda Project (what if women built a bank?); Advisory Board, RegTech Women

All comments spontaneous and unsolicited. Reproduced with permission.