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Applied outcomes science, an example

Effective outcomes seldom happen by accident, and good design trumps rhetoric and hope.
Applied outcomes science, an example

“Effectiveness” and “outcomes” are simple words, commonplace. Everyone knows what they mean. Sometimes, familiarity may be part of the problem. It is easy to skip the hard thinking about practical, proven, methods for enabling intended outcomes and go straight to the how.

Unfortunately, the consequences of skipping a small but critical design step at the outset can be devastating.

Worse, if it sets in train a way of thinking that repeatedly excludes initial design faults from later so-called “fundamental” reviews. As occurred in the anti-money laundering realm in 2010-2012 and seemingly again in 2021, as noted here (in the concluding paragraphs).

Enough with the theory. A concrete example might help.

Effective outcomes, by design

Last week I was asked to review the initial design proposal for a potentially radical new technology solution.

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