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Effective AML, oxymoron

A casual example of an uncomfortable alliance, unconsummated even as it enters a fourth decade. And a slightly tongue-in-cheek romp through the history of AML effectiveness.
Effective AML, oxymoron

The market for AML is huge, but the market for effective AML does not yet exist. Domain names offer a mundane example. But first, a brief ramble through the history of anti-money laundering effectiveness.

A vast industrial compliance complex spanning the globe – with up to several dozen government agencies in each of 205 countries and jurisdictions, 70 international agencies, millions of banks and other businesses, and sprawling armies of experts, consultants, and software purveyors – is valiantly engaged in a self-styled “war” against money laundering, with effective AML its raison d'être.

So, how is all that effective AML going?

A quick romp through the past few decades offers some clues.

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